+90 Update Photography Competition (Update 3)

September 28, 2009

Many thanks for all the feedback and additional information. I have changed „rules“ now. Following people will start the contest now:

Sven Lange (D), Monika Lauber (D), Matthias Laur (D), Matthew Runkel (US), Simone Röder (Aus), Daniel Bucherer (Aus), Markus Linsenmann (D), Elke Hollmann (D), Eva Winckler and / or Roberto Winckler (Singapur), Bernd Heiler (D), Torsten Bull (D), Boris Meeder (D), Volker Heimannsberg (D), Peter Breitenfelder (D).

I have invited some additional people and they might join later. The maximum number of participants will be 20.

  • Official start: October 1st 2009
  • Officical End: December 31st 2009 (pictures delivered to cniehage@live.de by 12/31/2009 12am CET)
  • Following categories (additional post-work via PC/software is allowed, Size 1600 Pixel)
    • Purple Rain
    • Oberflächlich / Superficial
    • Auf dem ersten Blick… / on first sight…
    • Anfang und Ende / Beginning and ends
    • Schöne Aussichten…. / Nice Views (in German also an ironic statement on things which might or will happen….)
  • We would like to open all 5 topics and each contestant can provide 1 picture per category or in total 5 pictures in selected categories.
  • Pictures will be published on a Website (we are right now testing Flickr and other platforms for a closed and secured solution).
  • Pictures will be published under the category with anonymous numbers.
  • Pictures will be rated by the Jury – each Jury member will get 15 POINTS, select pictures and rate selected picture with up to 3 points.
    • Rating Variances 1 – Rate you favorite picture in each category.
    • Rating Variances 2 – Select categories and rate various pictures in selected categories.
  • RESULTS and announcing Winners: February 15th 2010.
    • We will have winners in a category.
    • We might have an overall winner.
    • Kukuna (famous artist ….8-) ) will develop a trophy.

Please give feedback – via blog, facebook or direct mail to cniehage@live.de,


Addon1 – I still need some more people in the Jury, I feel a bit lonely…..


5 Antworten to “+90 Update Photography Competition (Update 3)”

  1. Elke said

    If we could exclude us voting for own pics – all contestants could do a peer voting also 🙂

  2. cniehage said

    Yes, thats true…“Again what learned“ as Lothar says in the Radio every morning…

  3. Moni said

    Anette – my dear sister would be part of the jury 🙂

    • Anette Lauber said

      Hallo Christine,

      Du suchst noch Jury-Mitglieder für den Fotowettbewerb?
      Moni hat mich darauf aufmerksam gemacht. Gerne stelle ich mich als Jury-Mitglied zur Verfügung.

      Liebe Grüße

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